Kharkov, Ukraine
Mystetstv St. 14

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We offer you a unique service – virtual hotel tour Classic! Virtual Tour – this is an interactive opportunity to get acquainted with the interior of our hotel without leaving your home, wherever you are at the same time.

Unfortunately, in the hotel business, as in any other, there are examples of an unfair approach to business. It happens that a visitor who believes in fabulous advertising comes to check into a hotel and is not at all faced with what he expected.

We do not offer our customers « a pig in a poke » - on the contrary, we strive to provide them with the most complete information about ourselves. In light of this, virtual tour (hotel Classic) – an ideal opportunity to get acquainted with our hotel, which can not be replaced by any, even the most colorful text.

We offer you panoramic views of the rooms (class « luxury » and « standard »), hall and other rooms. Navigation is extremely simple, and with its help you can make a fascinating room in our hotel without getting up from your own chair.

I must say that a virtual tour of the hotel – the service is relatively new, but an increasing number of successful representatives of the hotel business all over the world are resorting to it. Agree, the visitor will have much more confidence in the hotel, in which he already, albeit virtually, visited. It is not by chance that our guests note that they already know a lot in our hotel, although they appeared here for the first time. And it became possible thanks to such a service as virtual tour – Hotel Classic provides it to everyone!

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